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On 25-Sep-06, at 5:17 AM, Mike Pall wrote:


Rici Lake wrote:
By the way, I don't think MS VC aligns doubles to doublewords by
default, otherwise Glenn wouldn't have that problem. (Unless the fact
that it's in a union somehow defeats the default, which would be really
wierd.) That page you pointed to helpfully says that it depends on the

The SYSV x86 ABI (on which all POSIX based x86 OS depend)
requires 4 byte alignment for doubles. The Windows x86 ABI (aka
WIN32) requires 8 byte alignment.

I stand corrected. Good to know.

See the patch below. This comes standard with LuaJIT because the
effect is much more pronounced there.

It would probably be useful to have that patch in the standard distribution.