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On 22-Sep-06, at 1:11 PM, Mike Panetta wrote:

My reply to this email:

Sorry I had to start a new thread, but I can no longer send or recieve messages from the list on my work address for some reason.

People in the list keep brining up networking as the reason, allthough by far this is not the only reaon to use bitops, but I guess its the one most people are familiar with so I will use them here too.  Lets take an application that already exists, ipcalc for example, and take a simple example from it where bit operations are use to manipulate ip addresses. (cutting code from the source)

IP addresses are a typical case of why bitwise ops limited to k bits (where k is some unknown number < 64) are a bad idea.

What happens when you start upgrading that code to IPv6? 128-bit addresses, hmmm :)