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Xavante is a Lua HTTP 1.1 Web server that uses a modular architecture based
on URI mapped handlers. Xavante currently offers a file handler, a redirect
handler and a CGILua handler. Those are used for general files, URI
remapping and CGILua 5.0 scripts respectively.

Xavante 1.2
        * Uses Compat-5.1 Release 5
        * Handles multivalued HTTP headers
        * Added HTTP chunked mode response
        * New startup method, using KEPLER_INIT if available
        * New configuration option for the Xavante startup message
        * Redirection sends a 302 status instead of a 301 (less client
        * Changed xavante/server.lua to xavante/xavante.lua for a simpler
require"xavante" instead of require"xavante.server"
        * Uses Rings instead of VEnv in the CGILua handler
        * Minor bug fixes in the CGILua handler

Xavante is part of the Kepler Project and can be found at

Xavante is free software, using the same license as Lua 5.0, and follows the
package proposal for Lua 5.1 (using Compat-5.1).

Any comments and feedback are welcome.

André Carregal
Javier Guerra