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On 9/20/06, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
> I just thought I should mention Lulu <> which allows
> everybody to publish a book at little financial risk.
> Perhaps there are other similar sites, I couldn't recall the one I first
> saw (can be this one...), and Lulu is the first to come when googling
> for "self published books"...

As far as I know, Lulu uses Lightning Source (LSI) to print and
distribute its books. So, if you do not need the extra services that
Lulu provides, I guess it is better to go straight to LSI.

Amazon is also offering a similar service, through BookSurge (I have no
idea whether it is any good).

Thanks for the further info, lots to look into.

One of the books we are discussing as a possibility is a GPU Gems style book, you can be sure that a Lua/OpenSceneGraph chapter becons :-)