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Some Lulu books appear on mainline sites for half price.  But an otherwise nice concept started by Bob Young of Redhat fame.

BTW, not to plug amazon or anything, but on their site PIL ed.2 and Lua Ref 5.1 both just dropped price by 1/3.  The pair can be had for under US$40 now and both ship free.  I could resist no longer.  :-)

The Blender book might be another publishing model to look at.  I wish the Openscenegraph folks lots of luck.  That is a really nice project.

On 9/20/06, Robert Osfield <> wrote:
Thanks for the link Philippe, this is certainly useful.

On 9/20/06, Philippe Lhoste < > wrote:
I just thought I should mention Lulu < > which allows
everybody to publish a book at little financial risk.

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