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Hi Luiz,

On 9/19/06, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> The Lua list has 1183 subscribers,

I misread the numbers. The correct total is 1168.

Thanks for checking up on the numbers.  Curious the number of posts per month vs mailing list subscribes is roughly the same between osg-users and Lua list, so the dynamic of the two community appears similiar too.

I totally agree on it being hard to define "Lua community" as I have the same problem in terms of  "OpenSceneGraph community", many users don't even subscribe, some users subscribe multiple times - once at work, once at home etc.  Then there are the third party tools that use Lua, and have communities of their own...  I guess one just has to accept what you can measure and run with that.