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Hi Diego,

Thanks for your reply. Yet:

Doing a tricky thing from inside Lua is what I don't want.
For seamlessly integrating luasocket into my application,
I'd need a callback to a C function when a socket becomes
available or unavailable.

That is a pretty simple thing. If I made a simple patch to
that effect, would you consider adopting it?


> Hi,
>> In short: How can I be notified of a new socket?
>>      Or: How can I enumerate all existing sockets
>>          which are read interested or write interested?
> You can do everything from Lua, but it is a little
> tricky. You can wrap the socket creation functions to
> overload any functionality you might want. There is an
> example in the etc/ directory that does that:
> dispatch.lua.
> Regards,
> Diego.