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I'm not sure lua needs an 'explosion' of users with little animated gif avatars repeatedly asking why feature x isn't written into the core. 

I'd suggest that the prevalence of usage depends more on the design of the language meeting its goals, and less on forum support.  This is due to thefact that there are so many types of langages out there.  The utility of finding solid manuals on the web probably has more impact anyway (thanks for PIL ed. 1 online and Lua Ref!!!).

List pros:
- users do not have to remember a forum login to view traffic.
- gmane is nicely browsable.
- google will search the list.
- people generally think twice about signing up for a list, and posting.  This holds noise down.  Net result...
- this list is one of those places that has a small and comfortable the language it covers.  "Juuust right".

I was about to respond to the gmail issue as well.  Gmail filters are great.  Nothing has to hit the inbox.


On 9/18/06, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> using a gmail account just for the Lua list seems to solve any spam
> problems.

The Lua list has no spam, has it?

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