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Vyacheslav Egorov skrev:
Andreas Stenius wrote:
I agree with a common prefix
Why do we need this prefix?
You must patch your Lua to compile something that exploits token filters.
And patching interpreter is like signing a "I-am-ready-to-experiment!"-treaty.

Lets say that I find this class filter usefull and start using it alot. Later a new release of lua comes out, which might have a new keyword, class, thus causing the class filter to change and renders all code written for it invalid until updated. So I'd say, as long as we don't write a whole lot of code depending on a special filter, there's no real need for a prefix. But it's when the experiment turns out to be usefull (though still with a patched up version of lua) that /might/ cause headaches later on..

I'm not overly enthusiastic about a common prefix, but I can see its use. And of course, no one's enforcing it, it's just a mere suggestion.

I find dsilvers macro filter quite good, there the new keywords to be used is defined at the beginning, so you can easily change them to whatever *single* <name> tokens you want.