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Hello Lisa,

Wednesday, September 13, 2006, 8:07:44 PM, you wrote:

LP> Theodor-Iulian Ciobanu wrote:
>> Hello Philippe,
>> Multibyte languages (UTF-16 I guess should be enough, as yes, I'm on Windows).

LP> I'd suggest looking up (try wikipedia) UTF and UCS encoding, and 
LP> understanding what they mean. All the UTFs are equivalent in their 
LP> expressiveness, they just have different storage and compatibility 
LP> consequences.

LP> Personally, I'd recommend always using UTF-8, simply because it's the 
LP> most common, compatible, and easy to use encoding.

Thanks for all the info. As it was obvious, I don't have much knowledge about unicode, execpt I have some logs here that need parsing that I thought were UTF-16, 16 being the number of bits/character. Plus I was in a hury yesterday, so I admit not doing to much searching at first, before posting.

Theodor-Iulian Ciobanu
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