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In message <01fb01c6d7cf$4bc56e70$021ba8c0@loveboy> you wrote:

> > As I understood the original post, the question was not about
> > the use or function of the operator, but rather why "self" isn't
> > just passed all the time by the . operator or something, so
> > that you don't have to worry about it when coding.

Another point about Lua's syntax: those who keep complaining that Lua
does not use the same notation as this or that popular OO language
overlook the fact that Lua is a higher order language, whereas
most popular languages are only first order. It is important that
in Lua functions be treated like any other value. 
I think that the "function foo (..) .. end" sugar could be
inhibiting the understanding of those new to Lua who do not yet
appreciate the distinction.
Gavin Wraith (
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