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On 12 Sep 2006, at 04:21, Gavin Wraith wrote:

The expression t[#t+1] does become clumsy when
t is replaced by LongVerboseVariableName. However,
I hope I am not spoiling the fun of syntactic
neology if I point out that Lua is really strong
on controlling scope and that using local variables
is to be recommended. So what is wrong with

local t, x = LongVerboseVariableName, pushme_in_please
t[#t+1] = x
end -- do

Agreed that Lua's scoping is well implemented, but ...

If you wrap the do/end sequence around each instance of the table insertion, then you're doing a lot of typing to avoid a lot of other typing. As my Grandpa would say, "That's an expensive way to save money." ;-)

If you use a local variable throughout the function scope, then not only are you doing a lot of extra typing, but you may also have to scan quite a bit of code above to find the real meaning of "t".