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On Sep 11, 2006, at 4:23 PM, D Burgess wrote:

Hi guys,
You seem to be repeating a discussion from 1 year, 44 weeks, 2 days,
13 hours and 44 minutes ago).

But who's counting? :-)

Seriously though, my attatchment to the feature idea is not strong; it would just be a convenience. We do have code where the performance difference is meaningful, but that's *not* the majority of places where we append items, so I suppose we'll have to live with the more cumbersome syntax reallyLongName[ #reallyLongName + 1 ] = v where we need the speed.

Roberto did mention that he was now favoring the t[ #t + 1 ] = v syntax (in PIL 2.0, page 171), and that syntax is a little cumbersome with long names. Perhaps table.insert() will be with use for a while longer :-)

Tim Gogolin
Adobe Systems