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On 08/09/2006, at 9:14 AM, Jerome Vuarand wrote:

Here you can see that you have two and only two variable creations. That's why you have two different printed values.

Yes I see what is happening, but the surprising thing is that local variables behave so much differently to other types of variables.


a = 5  -- add to _G.a
a = 6  -- replace _G.a


local a = 5  -- make a local variable named a
local a = 6  -- make a completely different variable named a

The Lua book notes that "access to local variables is faster than to global ones".

I would have to guess from this example that a local variable is, effectively, a fixed piece of memory that involves no table lookups (nor metatables), however access to global variables involves at least one table lookup.

- Nick