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On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 02:29:18PM -0700, gary ng wrote:
> I mean file(actually stdin and stdout as that is the
> input/output to connect to things like openssh or
> pppd). At the moment I can only think of opening a
> localhost:port then use netcat to bridge it. If
> luasocket support unix domain socket, that would be a
> bit easier(no need for netcat).

Selene/Tio supports nonblocking I/O on any file that supports it,
which are usually sockets, pipes, terminals and other character devices.
It can open a bidirectional pipe (actually a socketpair) with popen
and supports unix sockets.

Anyway, once your stdin/stdout are fcntled to nonblocking,
even stdio implementations might work more or less as expected.