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I'm trying to do my first non-trivial LuaQT application.  For this i just 
started trying tolua++ (1.0.92). i want to write C++ classes and use them 
from Lua as simple modules.

i already have everything compiled, installed and working.  i can easily write 
the skeleton app in Lua with Qt windows in Linux.

after a few experiments with makefile (zero experience with SCons, and not 
much sympathy for python), i can easily write test C++ classes, apply tolua++ 
and compile as a Lua module.  the only problem is the module initialisation 
function "luaopen_modname()", which isn't 'protected' by a 'extern "C"', so 
when using objdump to see the defined symbols in the loadable library, the 
name is mangled by the g++ compiler.

how's that problem avoided in LuaQt?  the generated C++ code is similar to 
what i get, but the symbol in the library isn't mangled!


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