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hi, I'm migrating my project(yet another binder) from lua 5.0.2 to 5.1.1. and
noted that the function: luaL_newmetatable(luaxlib.c) is not a dual mapping any
more - in 5.1.1 it only map name to metatable.

Is there some other function can do the dual mapping? or 5.1.1 just dropped this


p.s. in PIL 1ed, 28.2: "The luaL_newmetatable function creates a new table (to
be used as a metatable), leaves the new table in the top of the stack, and
associates the table and the given name in the registry. It does a dual
association: It uses the name as a key to the table and the table as a key to
the name. (This dual association allows faster implementations for the other two
functions.) "