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It's possible.

Long busy months delayed LuaTask 1.6 release.
Modifications are done, but I still have no time to test it properly.
You can download from the version under test.
I hope to return to Lua projects soon.


Theodor-Iulian Ciobanu escribió:
Hello lua,

  Is this possible? I've searched the archive, found a mail stating that "LuaTask 1.6 is the next release with support for Lua 5.1 and some minor additions on messaging."
Unfortunately this mail, also containing "I haven't a release date yet, but not more than a month from now." was posted in October 2005. So what's the status on this? Is there a way to to use LuaTask with Lua 5.1 ? Or could somebody point me to some other library, providing similar functionality?

Thank you.