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Thanks Javier!
Thanks Daniel!

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[] On Behalf Of Daniel Quintela
Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 10:06 AM
To: Lua list
Subject: Re: LuaTask versus Helper Threads Toolkit

Thanks Javier, you gave a very precise explanation.

HTT for Win32 is possible using "pthreads-w32" and a few changes in the 
original code (my two cents).


Javier Guerra escribió:
> On Saturday 29 July 2006 11:32 am, Vijay Aswadhati wrote:
>> If it is not too much trouble could the respective authors please present
>> their views and comments on the similarities and differences between
>> two projects?
> LuaTask lets you create new Lua spaces and run them in independent
> from the point of view of your Lua code, it's more like process forks than

> threads.  there are no shared state between them, and any interchange of
> is via a message passing API.
> HTT doesn't let you create Lua threads.  is a framework for C library
> to easily create asynchronous routines using OS threads. it includes a Lua

> API for managing the task objects that represent the unfinished calls.  it

> makes very simple to write a lua coroutine scheduler that won't block on
> if it uses libraries build with HTT.
>> The reason I ask is I was only aware of HTT and at the back off my brain
>> had noted down that it needs a Win32 port. I discovered LuaTask today
>> seems to be serving a similar purpose and it has Win32 support to boot.
>> they similar, if not by design but in intent?
> not really, the intended audience is different.
> of course, one possible use for HTT would be a library to create new Lua 
> states, and the result would be something very similar to LuaTask.  as a
> advantage, such a library would be easily used from a HTT-aware scheduler.
>> I am a little confused as to which library to go with. My basic need is
>> be able to create services that can run in their own native thread and
>> occasionally or periodically have to communicate with a Lua universe.
> the easiest way for you would be LuaTask.  I'd only go for the (longer)
> route if you want your main Lua thread to use a easily extensible
>> I like HTT for its lightness, but it needs a Win32 port. I have to read
>> play with LuaTask to understand it better. Choices, choices... Two is one
>> too many!!
> LuaTask is more similar to LuaThread. HTT is for writing AIO libraries