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> I'm trying to figure if it would be possible to add static (compile
> time) typing to Lua easily, either by adding a library or by modifying
> the language parser itself. Has anyone already looked into it and
> found something interesting ? Is the Lua core designed to allow such
> modification ? An alternative would be to add a kind of preprocessor
> to Lua. I read somewhere that there is a Lua parser written in Lua.
> Would it be capable of doing such preprocessing ?
> Static typing enforce some level of code correcteness and that's the
> aspect of it that I'm looking for.

I have been thinking about this a little. The function

 the = function (s,x)
        if assert(type(x) == s) then return x end

which is useful for superficial typechecking, suggests the use
of identity functions with side effects which create type

I think nil has to have every type.

As to what constitutes a type perhaps one should go through
all the code in the VM looking for branching decisions, and
make an abstract definition of "a type relevant to a given
VM operation" as something that resolves branches for that
op. Or am I being silly? This is a notion analyzed from the
point of view of the cpu rather than the user, so to speak,
and so may not be quite what you mean.

Gavin Wraith (
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