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Hello all. I'm brand new to Lua. I read the (first edition) Programming in Lua a while back, but hadn't found the time to play with the language much. This weekend though, I ran into a problem my good friend Ruby just wasn't fast enough to effectively solve. That got me to give Lua a go.

I have a working solution now, but it's still a little slow. I'm pretty sure the reason is that I needed bit operations and I just used LuaBit because it was easy to get working. I've found the bitlib though and would like to try it.

I tried to figure it out, but I'm just no good at this kind of thing. I couldn't figure out how to add a compiled bitlib to my Lua build. Could someone give me some hints?

I'm on Mac OS X and have compiled Lua 5.1.  I need to know:

1.  How do I compile bitlib so Lua will be able to load it?
2.  How to load that library once I have made it that far?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

James Edward Gray II