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> Vyacheslav Egorov wrote:
> > Have you managed to solve "dll-in-zip" problem? That is I want to load 
> > dlls into memory directly without creating temporary files.

> Adam D. Moss wrote:
> Oh no, not at all.  That is a very hard (though not impossible)
> problem.  My apps are basically scripts+data, and these live
> in zip-like resource files -- there's no app-specific
> platform-specific code included in these, that's all driven by
> a generic C engine with its own dependencies.

Right, those are the mentioned "details"...

DLL-in-zip can be solved by using something as StarKit but we are still looking for a lighter way. The Lar code available on CVS works for anything but DLLs.

We have frozen Lar for quite a time, but now may be a good time to look back at the problem since we are starting to work on Rocks (the Gems like sytem for Lua).

If someone would like to help with Lar or Rocks, I'd suggest joining the Kepler mailing list.