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I'd also like to see raw sockets in LuaSockets. I ported a ping tunnel client to pure lua some months ago, but as sending and receiving icmp requires raw sockets I could not use LuaSockets. It's not complicated to make a C binding, but it surely would have saved me some time (and it would probably have saved my project too :-) ).


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De : [] De la part de Javier Guerra
Envoyé : 20 juillet 2006 21:27
À : Lua list
Objet : Re: modularizing lua code

On Thursday 20 July 2006 8:20 pm, Diego Nehab wrote:
> > i'd like raw sockets... doesn't have a clear use for it, but it 
> > would be nice.
> Try this argument with Roberto and he will shoot you. :)

haha!, right but i think it's for better: a core language should be as minimal as possible while being as expressive as possible.

a library on the other hand, should have lots of features, especially if it's well-factored into nice optional modules