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On Jul 18, 2006, at 3:03 AM, D Burgess wrote:

Thanks Wim, I have (re)read the list messages and Wiki on this subject. Having created my thread specific global table and __index metatabled it to the mainthread global table, is the best way to handle the base functions next(), pairs() etc to simply reexecute base_open() (lbaselib.c) on the new thread object or is it better to "copy" the baselib functions from the main
lua state to the new lua thread?

I am having the very same problem at the moment.
My experience so far is that threads do share the same global namespace.
On the 10th of July I posted a question regarding a problem I had because
of this very quirk.

David, I don't think you can "copy" the baselib functions to the lua threads.
Except if you modify the lua runtime that is. I am currently setting the
global-global table to a variable in the thread-global table and using
standard lib functions with env.pairs etc. I am not very happy
with this solution though. Another idea I have is to look at how object
inheritance works in lua and maybe do something similar but I haven't
come around to that yet. Using base_open on every thread is not an option for me as I create and execute tens of thousands of threads in my application.

I would certainly follow this thread closely ;)