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Due to Summer vacations ;) and this week's "work", I am happy to announce Lumikki website creation system is revised, and tested on Mac OS X.

Major changes to earlier systems:
- uses Lua 5.1
- XML syntax check etc. - gives better error messages
- ImageMagick picture processing is cached; takes CPU only if things Really Change (this was introduced already earlier) - sample Makefile for site upload, using Sitecopy command line tool (only moves changed files, Very Clever :) - changed license from GPL --> LGPL, and partly X11/MIT (support code, and filters.lua)

All in all, Lumikki now, at "0.22" is as ready as it needs to become. Time is ripe for starting to use it in Your Project, or ... for me, in my community website things. Only bugfixes, and added filter macros are anticipated to the product itself.

- asko

More about Lumikki:

At luaForge:

At fink (OS X users, coming up...)
sudo fink install lumikki

Development svn (welcome!):
svn co svn://