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I will use heavilly Lua interfacing with graphics
libraries (Direct3D/OpenGL), and the double/float
conversions could impact on performance, right:

By the way, are you guys using Lua as float or double?

--- Robert Osfield <>

> On 7/4/06, Jose Marin <>
> wrote:
> > Yes, I'm asking the performance of games on PCs.
> In general I'd expect Lua apps not to be sensitive
> to float vs doubles
> on PC's.  However, write a prototype app and
> benchmark it, it the sure
> fire way of finding out.
> Graphics hardware is all floats so if you are
> planning on passing data
> from Lua to it then there will be conversions going
> on, however, one
> would typically wrap all the low graphics API calls
> in C or C++ so
> this may well be a moot point.
> Robert.

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