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Well, I would argue that this is a fairly common requirement.
If the authors dont want this in mainstream Lua, maybe adding the
patch to the /etc directory is a way out. I presume this would
add a neglible amount of size to the distro.

I would vote for this patch, the int32 patch, coco and LHFs lposix
being added to the /etc or /patches directory of the Lua distro. If
nothing else it would reduce the number of questions on the list
and increase the chances of Lua being adopted for various projjects.

David B

Asko Kauppi wrote:

It is possible to patch Lua so, that one can use floats and full
int32 range, together. That is, to have iteration etc. not limited by
2^24, and not take the baggage of doubles with you.

A tested patch on this has been sent to the authors;  [...]