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am currently coding an ActiveX control. i try to embed lua 5.1 in a specific way, but i
have some issues about reloading my control.

notes: All my projects & lua are compiled with /MD and i use lua.dll

1) if i directly include/init/stop Lua in my main activeX class (or anything at the same level) :
it works fine, i can reload my activeX without problems.

2) if i load ( LoadLibrary / FreeLibrary ) a plugin DLL which init/Stop Lua (with some lua default libs), my activeX will crash (at random unrelated point) at the next reload in the browser. ps: if i don't load any lua libs, it won't crash. If i load luaopen_base it will crash (i can load any other lib without any problems).

so : if my control.dll dynamically load a plugin.dll which is dynamically linked to lua and use it. my app will crash.

It looks like a memory problem, but i don't know what i could have done wrong.
any idea ?

Kind Regards.

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