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It will appear on my page (, right now there is
a current "Alpha" version that is way out of date.  It only supports
importing classes.  Last night I finished up the translation DOM, XML
Interface and tokenizers, so now I just have to write the actual
scripts to generate the final code.

The alpha version is at:
As I said its way outdated, even the scripts and idea of it won't work
any more, but it will convert many of the objects that don't make use
of overides :)

 - Jeremy

"Help I suffer from the oxymoron Corporate Security."

> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Re: Activities at LuaForge
> From: "Geo Massar" <>
> Date: Wed, June 28, 2006 3:47 pm
> To: "Lua list" <>
> > LOL, we are working on almost the exact same project :).  Only I'm
> > working on wrapping up OpenGL for Project Phoenix.  I'm almost complete
> > with my Pascal to Lua application if it would be of any help, I'll post
> > when complete.  Basically it reads pas files and generates pas units to
> > expose the objects, methods, consts, vars, and types to Lua.
> I'd be interested in your project. It could be a great tool for us, Pascal
> coders. Where would you put up your project? at LuaForge?
> Thanks.
> Geo
> PS Sourceforge has about 100 references to "Phoenix."