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LuaSQL is a simple interface from Lua to a DBMS. It enables a Lua program to:

* Connect to ODBC, ADO, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, JDBC, and PostgreSQL databases;
* Execute arbitrary SQL statements;
* Retrieve results in a row-by-row cursor fashion.

LuaSQL 2.0.2 offers:

* numrows method added to MySQL driver.
* Added a config for the makefile.
* Added configuration for the UnixODBC driver.
* Bug fixes to the SQLite driver (bug found by Mike Petersen).
* Bug fixes to the JDBC, OCI8 and ADO drivers.
* Improved tests.
* Updated documentation (both English and Portuguese).

LuaSQL is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.0.

For more information on LuaSQL please check

Any feedback is welcome!

André Carregal