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Sam Roberts wrote:

Would things break terribly if any of {}, "", and Number
could be passed as an argument expression without

From the manual:

Arguments have the following syntax:

  args ::= `(´ [explist1] `)´
  args ::= tableconstructor
  args ::= String

A call of the form f{fields} is syntactic sugar for
f({fields}); that is, the argument list is a single new
table. A call of the form f'string' (or f"string" or
f[[string]]) is syntactic sugar for f('string'); that
is, the argument list is a single literal string.

So tables can be passed like this too.  If you want to
pass a literal number without argument parens, you can
pass it as a string and then convert it inside the

(Offhand, I can't think of any ambiguities that would be
created by letting this be done with numbers too.)