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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> You can make these corrections in luaconf.h:
> #if defined(loadlib_c) && defined(UNICODE)
> #define GetModuleFileName	GetModuleFileNameA
> #define FormatMessage		FormatMessageA
> #define LoadLibrary		LoadLibraryA
> #endif

I doubt this will work. Because <windows.h> is included after
"luaconf.h" and because GetModuleFileName and the other variant
API calls _are_ already macros. The Windows system DLLs only
provide the *A/*W symbols.

I've checked the oldest Win95 kernel32.dll I could find and it
has both variants for all relevant symbols. I still think it
makes sense to directly use the *A variants in loadlib.c (but see for Wim's
position on this).