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Coco is great and works fine on my OSX Intel. But LuaJIT gives me:

[LuaJIT frontend failed: attempt to call a thread value]

all the time. Do you know what might be a problem?

On 6/20/06, Mike Pall <> wrote:

this is a minor upgrade for LuaJIT, now based on Lua 5.1.1 and in
sync with Coco 1.1.1. No other major changes vs. LuaJIT 1.1.0.
An upgrade is especially recommended for developers using LuaJIT
on Windows (DirectX FPU state fix, Windows Fibers issues).

Here is a link to the project home page with full docs:

And a direct link to the download page:

You can find the full changelog and performance comparisons here:

What is LuaJIT?

LuaJIT is a Just-In-Time (JIT) Compiler for Lua 5.1. LuaJIT is
light-weight, efficient and extensible. It's fully compatible with
standard Lua and can significantly boost the performance of your
Lua programs.

LuaJIT compiles to x86 (i386+) machine code and supports many
popular operating systems: Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X on Intel,
Solaris x86 and Windows (MSVC or MinGW).

LuaJIT is free software, released under the same license as Lua.