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Well this is probably not considered a shortcoming because when these
are needed, one switches to python or whatever, and forget about lua. So
that people still using lua are happy with it in its niche... 
This is surprising though, because a lot of configuration works are
setting bits here and there...
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Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:39 PM
Subject: RE: Bitwsie operators in Lua

Dear Mike

In message <BAY23-F24DD4BE1D682C6A53D955FA1870@phx.gbl> you wrote:

> I have noticed your site and distribution (RiscLua) and thought
> about using it as a basis for custom Lua build (my needs are running
> the interpreter on  Windows and vxWorks).
> Still it's disappionting to find this shortcoming in a language
> that has been around for so long.

I don't think the absence of bit operations in Lua is necessarily
a shortcoming. It owes its success, after all, by sticking
strictly to a minimalist doctrine. Also, bit operations
depend very much on the platform you are using. You have to leave
something for the individual user to play with :).

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