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On 6/10/06, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> Is there a published 'roadmap' of what is up-and-coming in lua - for 5.2
> and beyond?

No roadmap, published or otherwise. Do you have any special requests??

A million thanks for sheparding Lua into the fantastic tool it is today.

If you're soliciting for 5.2 suggestions, would you consider
ada/erlang style arbitrary base constants? I've brought this up before
with no one else being interested. I'd contribute patches if there is

To recap, erlang (and I've heard Ada) support a style of integer
constants which precedes the constant with a number base (1-36) so
that things like:

2#1001 gets converted into 9 and
16#ff gets converted to 255
1#111 gets converted to 3 (okay, base one isn't that useful)

This would make some of my code much easier to read.

Just a suggestion.