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Oh well, if it is time to add some suggestions.

Just a lexer one : adding a `const´ keyword
I know people are not really happy with adding endlessly some keywords, and that may breaks some programs already using it as a variable name... But I think this is really helpful to auto document code.
I don't intend the interpreter to perform anything with it, but just as `;´ has been added to be immediately forgotten, this could be nice to add this to help documenting the code.
It can then be a special kind of comment discarded by lexer so that code overhead is very limited... Or be more tightly coupled to grammar to limit risks of ambiguity with variable names...

namelist ::= Name [`const´] {`,´ Name [`const´]}
var ::=  Name [`const´] | prefixexp `[´ exp `]´ | prefixexp `.´ Name 
funcbody ::= `(´ [parlist1] `)´ [`const´] block `end´

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> Is there a published 'roadmap' of what is up-and-coming in lua - for 5.2
> and beyond?

No roadmap, published or otherwise. Do you have any special requests??