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> Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

> > So, I was over at checking out what was
> > up with 5.1.1, and I found the page very misleading.
> How about now?

Clearer, thanks.

But I think it would be even easier if the page was titled something "Bug
Fixes" or "Patches" (and the file name correspondly changed from bugs.html).

I'd also add a "Fixed in version XXX.YYY" after the initial description of
each bug. Currently the the ones for Lua 4.0 and some for Lua 5.0 show that,
but others don't. This may mislead someone to assume the issue is still

Yes, the "No bugs are known in Lua 5.1.1" cover that, but this requires a
deeper stack once you are down the page. :o)