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> No no, .NET's Dispose() is just their standardization (sp?) of the
> interface for releasing resources owned by classes. It isn't directly
> related to the lifetime of the object.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Javier - pretty good to know.  I know
that .NET is supposed to clean up after itself, but I figured that this was
the programmer's way of explicitly telling the GC that he was done with the

> It is very common for language users to create their own sub-languages,
> coding conventions, protocols, however you call it. You are free to
> implement your vision of deletable garbage-collected objects, but I
> don't think it should be part of the standard Lua system; certainly not
> with the overhead of what you describe.

I wasn't necessarily advocating or recommending, just thinking on paper.  My
intended meaning was similar to what you're saying - the application could
extend Lua to include these features if it would be more comfortable for the
team - not that these should be added to Lua.  I think Lua has about all the
functionality it needs because it can be easily extended to suit a
particular application.

Again - thanks for clarifying.  This list is really cool.