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It is missing. We soon will release a new version of the manual that
corrects this (and several other problems).

A related question - I've noticed that the "__tostring" metamethod is not mentioned in the list of metamethods in 2.8, only in the documentation of tostring in 5.1 - is this intentional? I use the manual a lot as a reference (converting it to CHM would be a good idea, I could only find a Perl script in the list archive which does that, but I can't run it) and 2.8 is the section I read when I need a *complete* list of all metamethods. Currently it's not complete, a better way to find all metafields is to search the manual for "__  :) Which reminds me that the "__metatable" field is also missing from there.

And another little idea - why not include a table of contents in the beginning of the manual so it's easier to jump to topics? That would make it much easier to use the manual as a reference. And an index of all functions of the Lua and C API's would be more than I could dream of :) Thinking of it, I could do it myself if I find a little time...