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> I want it to look from
> lua like its doing a blocking wait for a response message (or error) to
> come back, but I need to return control to the main C message loop.
> Any suggestions on how to do this? Some cool pure lua coroutine magic?

Sure, coroutines are the perfect tool for that:
1. write you Lua function as

   local function dispatch()
	   while true do
		   msg = ...
		   local response = send(msg)

2. define wait and send to be coroutine.yield

3. create a new Lua thread and call DISPATCH from you C program in this thread.
   The first time DISPATCH is called, it just returns. You do nothing.
   In you C main loop, just keep calling DISPATCH, now with the response.
   Depending on what you want to do, you may be able to avoid wait().

I did someting like that in my token filters, about which I talked at the
Workshop last year, and which I still have to finish and release.