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There is one of series of limitations in luacom:

>LuaCOM doesn’t provide access to COM interfaces that doesn’t inherit from IDispatch
>interface. That is, only Automation Objects are supported. This restriction is due to the latebinding
>feature provided by LuaCOM. It’s possible to provide access to these COM interfaces
>via a ”proxy” Automation Object, which translate calls made through automation to vtable
>(early-binding) calls. It’s also possible to implement this ”proxy” directly using LuaCOM
>C/C++ API, but this hasn’t been tested nor tried;

It is inconvenient feature, because it prevents from implementing a
lot of required interfaces, especially inherited from IUnknown.
But, as is obvious from the foregoing, it is possible to solve
this problem using 'proxyes'. Does anybody have ideas about more
concrete implementation of 'proxy' using LuaCOM C/C++ API ?