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Chris Marrin wrote:
> Since I work at Apple now, this issue is near and dear to me.

Just curious: is Apple doing anything with Lua (yet)?

> Since Macs use Intel processors now and since Mike's JIT compiler  
> generates Intel opcodes, it seems natural to use it on Macs. It would  
> simply need to determine if the Mac was, indeed running an Intel  
> processor and generate code if so and skip it if not.
> Has anyone else brought it up? Are there any plans for it???

Umm, quoting the LuaJIT 1.1.0 announcement on the mailing list:

| It supports many popular x86 based operating systems: Linux, *BSD,
| Mac OS X on Intel, Solaris x86 and Windows (MSVC or MinGW).

LuaJIT is fully API-compatible and link-compatible with Lua.
So you can just link with LuaJIT for Intel Macs and with plain
Lua for PPC Macs. Seems easy enough?

Well, just in case Apple has an interest in sponsoring a port of
LuaJIT to PPC ... I'm listening (but not holding my breath). :-)