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I am trying to create a library for matrix and vector operations. matrix and vector are going to be full userdata.

Vectors are easy. I can define __index to return x, y, or z, and __newindex to set them. Then I can do this:
1) a=vector.x -- get the value of x from the vector
2) vector.x=0 -- modify the vector

The matrices prove to be trickier. I want to be able to do this, like in C:
1) a=matrix.position -- get the value of the position (creates a new vector)
2) a=matrix.position.x -- get the value of x from the position
3) matrix.position.x=0 -- directly set the value inside the matrix

The problem is that (3) is equivalent to this:
3a) a=matrix.position; a.x=0
It will create a copy of the position, and set its x to 0. The actual matrix will not be modified. It would work in C because in C matrix.position is not the value of the position, but a reference to it.

I can change matrix.position to return a reference vector object, and any changes to it could be forwarded to the matrix. But then (1) will not work as intended. (2) will still work either way.

Any suggestions?