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Hi everyone,

a (non-game) project I'm working on has a job opening for someone with Lua experience. Here are some details:

We're working on a product that makes it easy for organisations to build and deploy web applications.

Instead of writing loads of code, people can model interaction and data flow, and quickly assemble their solutions from a toolbox of predefined parts.

The backend of this system has been developed entirely in Lua. The frontend side of things is obviously browser-based, and is using a modest dose of Javascript.

For the position on offer we're looking for someone with ample experience in both Lua and Javascript.

You'll work in a small and dedicated team (based in Washington DC) and will have to help out on both the front- and backend.

If you're also willing and able to assist in support and pre-sales, that would be even better.

Still interested? Feel free to send your application & info to hr at logicnets dot com!


P.S. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions if there's anything that needs elaborating. You can reach me at ashwin at logicnets dot com.

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