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XOR may be just what you need.  It won't be easy for someone to type xor'd strings into the console on the fly.  Certainly it is still spoofable, but not in a convenient way.

Though, someone else could easily write an addon that could crypt/decrypt messages to the channel.

Note, I don't believe there is a way to really "hide" a channel in Wow.  It's basically an IRC type server on the backend.

Just curious, as a wow player myself, what kind of add on your working on?

Happy Hunting!


On Mon, 15 May 2006 15:13:38 +0200, Matias Guijarro wrote:
>> What about using simple XOR encryption ?
>> You can learn more here :
>> Cheers,
>> MG.
>> Shawn Craig wrote:
>>>> Is there a simple en/decryption method for strings?
>>>> This is for a wow add-on where a string is sent out into hidden
>>>> message channel and picked up by the same add-on on someone
>>>> elses pc. Basicly I'm not look looking to stop smart people but
>>>> I don't want ppl to easly trick my add-on by just typing stuff
>>>> in that channel.
>>>> Note: Please note that I'm limited on string length in the
>>>> channel.