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With mingw you can do exactly the same to build a wx.dll Lua module :
wx.dll: luamodule.cpp $(OBJECTS) $(LUA_LIBS) wxLuaLib wxLuaDebugLib
wxLuaSocketLib wxLuaBindings
	$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $(APPEXTRADEFS) -g -O -shared -o wx.dll -fpic \

The only extra thing you have to do is to check that all your
-l$(XXXLIB) point to existing libraries. These libraries can either be
static libs, or dll import libraries. Static libs are exactly like on
unix (-lfoo need libfoo.a). Dll import libraries are necessary if you
want to link dynamically to a dll. You can generate libfoo.a from
foo.dll with the following commands :
	impdef foo.dll > foo.def
	libtool --kill-at --dllname foo.dll --input-def foo.def --output-lib libfoo.a
	rm foo.def
These import libraries may already exist in the wxWidget build tree if
you built it with mingw.

Feel free to ask if I'm not clear. I had a hard time finding docs on
the subject since everything on mingw site is outdated, but now I
think I know the subject well.

2006/5/13, John Labenski <>:
You need to use the current CVS HEAD of wxLua. The snapshots are
broken since Sourceforge has changed things recently and I'm not sure
how to reimplement what we had.

In the wxLua/apps/luamodule dir is code to make lua require"wx" work in Linux.

You create the library by running $make in the
wxLua/apps/luamodule/src dir and all of wxLua will be created for you.
The output lib is just dumped in the src dir for now.  The
Makefile uses the wx-config script and therefore it MUST be in your
path. Additionally it puts the resultant wxLua libs it creates in the
appropriate lib dir of wxWidgets so it must be writeable. As a
developer I never bother to install wxWidgets, but if you have you'll
have to hack the Makefiles located in each XXX/src dir to output them
elsewhere. The Makefiles are fairly straightforward so this shouldn't
be difficult. Eventually we'll get the bakefile's configure to work
with this new project.

A sample program called luamodule.wx.lua in that dir shows it working
by simply creating a wxFrame. Test it from the
wxLua/apps/luamodule/src dir using
$../../../bin/lua luamodule.wx.lua

Help for MSW

For non wxWidgets, wxLua users: We create 3 libs for wxLua and
wxWidgets itself has about a half a dozen libs that need to be linked
to the resultant shared lib for lua's require, if I understand

I don't really understand completely what I've done, but it seems to
work. See apps/luamodule/src/Makefile and the tag. I guess I'm
compiling the luamodule.cpp file, linking it with all the other libs,
and then creating a .so library using -shared. I think also that -fpic
is needed.

I haven't the foggiest idea about how to do the same in MSW, I guess
it should be a DLL? But then how do you "link" this DLL to all of the
wxLua and wxWidgets DLLs or can you create the wxLua and wxWidgets
libs as libs and link them to the DLL?

Maybe someone who uses lua's require more regularly can shed some light on this?

   John Labenski