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ok, i have managed to resurrect the luakit via google's cache, but now i'm getting another issue. this is the first time i've had to use the 'require' function so it's probably me.

here's what happens:

$ lua test.lua
d:\bin\lua.exe: test.lua:2: attempt to index global `osc' (a boolean value)
stack traceback:
        test.lua:2: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

and here's test.lua:

1| osc = require( 'osc' )
2| p = osc.Message:new()
3| p.address = '/in/foo'

should osc.lua be returning something? reading the documentation it looks like it's supposed to just return true or false. if i say 'print(osc)' i get 'true' printed out. so what else might be wrong?

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