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# markdown.lua -- version 0.10


**Author:** Niklas Frykholm, <> **Date:** 3 May 2006

This is an implementation of the popular text markup language Markdown in pure Lua. Markdown can convert documents written in a simple and easy to read text format to well-formatted HTML. For a more thourough description of Markdown and the Markdown
syntax, see <>.

The original Markdown source is written in Perl and makes heavy use of advanced regular expression techniques (such as negative look-ahead, etc) which are not available in Lua's simple regex engine. Therefore this Lua port has been rewritten from the ground up. It is probably not completely bug free. If you notice any bugs, please report them to
me. A unit test that exposes the error is helpful.

## Usage

   require "markdown"

``markdown.lua`` exposes a single global function named ``markdown(s)`` which applies the
Markdown transformation to the specified string.

``markdown.lua`` can also be used directly from the command line:

   lua markdown.lua

Creates a file ``test.html`` with the converted content of ````. Run:

   lua markdown.lua -h

For a description of the command-line options.

// Niklas