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    lua_call(L, 0, 0); // when i use lua_pcall instead of lua_call here,
surrounded with error handling functionality it complains about nil values


    After loading the test.lua file, you must run it because it's
just a function on the stack at this point. After running it your
declarations will have effects.

Does'nt lua_*call functions do it?

------------------------ some lua code ----------------------
function funk()

--- If the body of script does not have any code it works
------------------------ some c code -------------------------

luaL_loadfile(L, "test.lua"); // Ok
lua_call(L, 0, 0); // Works as expected with 1st script (does nothing) 2nd script fails here

// My first message does not contains following since it failed above
lua_getglobal(L, "funk"); // funk is on top of the stack?
lua_call(L, 0, 0); // Ok, funk being called

------------------------ end of some c code ------------

but... when i run above code with this script, int msg(lua_State *L); function gets 0x0 as function address

------------------------ another lua code ---------------
function funk()


msg(funk) -- msg will fail to receive address

so lua scripts can't register their functions as callbacks :)