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On Monday 08 May 2006 2:12 pm, Bret Victor wrote:
>  <whisper <at>> writes:
> > I'm continually struck by the resemblence between the two languages. Is
> > there a relationship?
> Lua is Javascript done right.  Javascript is Scheme done wrong.  :)

that hits the nail!

in fact, since the first question, i've been trying to put into words how much 
i find javascript horrendous, easily the language i find most hard to swallow 
(even after doing some dabbling in Perl).

after realizing how much of the language theory is shared with Lua, i find 
that i can actually write some short JS stubs... but the pain is still there.  
why? i still don't know.

i put most of the blame in the pseudo-java syntax (which is a pseudo-C syntax 
itself).  note that, after Lua, the language i like best is C... 

so, i think that C syntax is right for low level languages, where you have to 
keep track of pointers, and do your references right; and for scripting 
languages, where everything is how it should be (instead of how it's easier 
for the machine to execute), the syntax have to be different, with much more 
thought into aesthetics.


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